Songgon is one of destination we’d like to offer for you because this village is fresh village, large rice filed, munch water everywhere, and location in close from raung mount one of active volcano in east java. we can see this mount from the top of ijen. Not so far from this village there is beautiful water fall namely selendangarum, and very Natural River for rafting

In every area has traditional dance, in our regency also has very beautiful dance, if you want to learn as you souvenir when you come back to your country, If you you want to take waterl fall and learning traditional dancing or spectacular rafting leaning dancing. you can contact JET java eco tour .

Second day we visit alas puwo, This 434-sq km national park occupies the whole of remote Blambangan peninsula on the shorten eastern tip of java. purwo national park provides a home for wildlife. The wildlife in Alas Purwo come to the feeding ground of Sadengan every morning. have juggle tracking for explore caves (gua istana) Alas Purwo also has a turtle hatchery in Ngagelan. The mangrove forest at far west of Alas Purwo is considerably well-preserved.. Alas purwo means first forest in Javanese according to legend, this is earth first emerged from the ocean.

Here the itinerary is:

Day1: rafting – learn traditional dance

1. spectacular rafting.
– We take you at 6.00 AM in hotel.
– We drive to songgon village by car around 2 hour from hotel
– After arriving in Songgon village we go to rafting office,
– Here we prepare our equipment.
– Then Driver takes us to the first post of rafting, but the car can’t reach to the river so we should walk
to the river,
– After ward we start spectacular rafting around 3 hour, it finishes at 2.00 PM.
– And then we have lunch.
– have rest for moment
– learn traditional dance (this is optional program, if you are okay we will give it)
– you spent a night here (local home in songgon village)

Day 2: go to alas purwo national park

We start our tour from sonngon village ,we take you in local house in village. We leave at 5 AM. It takes around 3 hours to get there. We go straight to the feeding ground of Sadengan in Alas Purwo. We will have breakfast while watching the wildlife. Sadengan is grazing ground has the largest herd of wild Banteng in java, kijang (deer) and peacocks are seen here from the viewing tower. From Sadengan, we go to Pancur 3km south east from trianggulasi beach where there is small water fall that flow onto beach, another PHKA post and camping ground. In pancur we have juggle tracking for explore caves (gua istana) in Alas Purwo. These sites are considered by some people as a sacred site. And many soul researcher and mystic flock here during suro mount, which mark of Javanese New Year. They come here regularly for meditating. Then we visit Trianggulasi beach with white-sand, here is beautiful, but swimming is dangerous because the underwater current is very strong. After from trianggulasi we go to ngagelan, it’s a semi-natural turtle hatchery by the sea. After visiting Ngaggelan,from Ngagelan, we go to Mangrove forest. The distance is around 7 km. Then, we take gondang-gandung (wooden boat) to across Mangrove Bedul. We’ll have a lunch break in Mangrove forest. Alas Purwo tour will end around 2 PM. Then we come back to Banyuwangi town

It include :
Transport from hotel to songgon village
Jeep 4WDs for alas purwo national park
Fee for rafting
Rafting Standard equipment
Rafting insurance
Snack in rafting program
Have Lunch in rafting place
Local guide.
Drinking bottled water (1500 ml/person).
Local transport to take us to the post of rafting
Meal during tour according to itinerary
Snack for morning breaking in alas purwo national park
Boat fee in Mangrove Bedul.
Fee for learning traditional dance (if you want to do that)
A night accommodation in songgon village

It excludes:
Entrance fee to Alas Purwo National Park.
Lunch in Mangrove forest (alas purwo national park).
Personal expenses.
Travel insurance.
Extra tips for guide and driver if you fell happy with our services.

We’d like to suggest you to bring:
Sunscreen and sunblock lotion.
Ant mosquito lotion.
Comfortable walking shoes.

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