In this packet you Have two day for explore the second biggest traditional fishing port in Indonesia namely Muncar, here you can see more than 2000 traditional fishing boat, salt fish process, then go to fish market after that go to traditional market. Then directly go straight to village to see the tile roof process here you can try to make/melt it. After that we visit the process of coconut sugar then you might taste it, it very sweet. And also we visit water melon farm, and we can see local people home and also their daily activities.

The best destination that we are going to visit is sukamade turtle-spawning ground its located in meru betiri national park, this place is most important turtle-spawning ground. Where five species of turtle come ashore to laying their eggs. Green turtle most common, but giant leatherbacks also visit (usually between December and February). In the middle of jungle still many wild animal such as leopard, wild boars, monkeys, banteng, black giant squirrels, civets, reticulated pythons (the world’s longest snake) bird life is prolific, with Javanese eagle and large number of hornbills – including rhinoceros hornbill which emit a bark –like horn

Alas purwo national park, This 434-sq km national park occupies the whole of remote Blambangan peninsula on the shorten eastern tip of java. purwo national park provides a home for wildlife. The wildlife in Alas Purwo come to the feeding ground of Sadengan every morning. have juggle tracking for explore caves (gua istana) Alas Purwo also has a turtle hatchery in Ngagelan. The mangrove forest at far west of Alas Purwo is considerably well-preserved.. Alas purwo means first forest in Javanese according to legend, this is earth first emerged from the ocean.

Let’s completed your experiences by visiting some destination in banyuwangi
Here the itinerary is:

Day 1: muncar secret cycling – Teluk hijau (green bay) – sukamade turtle-spawning ground.

– We take you in hotel around at 6.00 AM (but if you want to see sun rise of java you should leave
Early morning)
– You arrive at 8.00 in fishing port, and then you walk around to sightseeing in this area
– You can see salt fish process
– Then go on to fish market and traditional market
– After ward bike to village, before village you across water melon farm, you might stop for moment
To sightseeing.
– and then bike straight to sumbersewu village, for trying melt roof tile in local people house
– go on to coconut sugar process to taste it, before getting in this place we across coconut farm here is
nice place to take photos and look at bottle in the top of coconut tree. (Bottle function is collect
Liquid from coconut flower)
– after from here, bike to local house for having break, clean up
– go on to suka made

– from muncar we drive to sukamade
– We across a river to Sukamade with 4-WD vehicle
– When the river flow is too high and strong, we will cross the river with bamboo boat and walk
around1 hour to Sukamade
– after arriving in sukamade mess pantai, If we still have time (around at 4 -5 PM) we can relies baby
turtle in sukamade beach.
– And then we come back to mess pantai, have break
– at 8 PM we go Sukamade beach with local rangers. In beach we can see turtle lay eggs
One turtle can lay eggs around 100
– local ranger visits the beach every night to check whether one or two turtles come ashore.
– after from beach we can see small turtle rise from sand in cage
– then it’s time for having rest.
– Tonight we will stay at the accommodation of Meru Betiri National Park.

Day 2: from suka made – go to alas purwo national park
weak up early morning at 06.00. then have breakfast, after that pack up, drive to alas purwo national
Park. we go straight to the feeding ground of Sadengan in Alas Purwo. We watching the wildlife. Sadengan is grazing ground has the largest herd of wild Banteng in java, kijang (deer) and peacocks are seen here from the viewing tower. From Sadengan, we go to Pancur 3km south east from trianggulasi beach where there is small water fall that flow onto beach, another PHKA post and camping ground. In pancur we have juggle tracking for explore caves (gua istana) in Alas Purwo. These sites are considered by some people as a sacred site. And many soul researcher and mystic flock here during suro mount, which mark of Javanese New Year. They come here regularly for meditating. Then we visit Trianggulasi beach with white-sand, here is beautiful, but swimming is dangerous because the underwater current is very strong. After from trianggulasi we go to ngagelan, it’s a semi-natural turtle hatchery by the sea. After visiting Ngaggelan, we go to Mangrove forest. The distance is around 7 km. Then, we take gondang-gandung (wooden boat) to across Mangrove Bedul. We’ll have a lunch break in Mangrove forest. Alas Purwo tour will end almost in the evening. Then we come back to town

It includes:
4-WD vehicle (driver, fuel and parking fee included).
1 bike cycle/ person in cycling tour
Local guide in cycling tour
Snack for break in cycling tour
Drinking bottled water (1,500 ml/person) in cycling tour
English-speaking tour guide.
Local ranger in merubetiri national park (sukamade)
Overnight in basic accommodation in the national park.
Lunch in cycling tour
Dinner in merubetiri national park (sukamade)
Breakfast in merubetiri national park (sukamade)
Snack for morning breaking in alas purwo national park
Boat fee in Mangrove Bedul.

It excluded:
Entrance fee to Alas Purwo National Park And camera ticket
Entrance fee merubetiri National Park and And camera ticket
Lunch in Mangrove forest (alas purwo national park).
Lunch on the way back to town (in the last day)
Accommodation hotel in Banyuwangi town
Personal expenses.
Travel insurance.
Extra tips for guide and driver if you fell happy with our service.

We would suggest you to bring:
Personal items (toiletries, snacks).
Some snack for eating in merubetiri national park
Mosquito repellant.
Comfortable walking shoes and sandals.

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