The first place that we are going to visit is ijen mount, Ijen is located in Banyuwangi regency, it’s famous with sun rise of java. The Fabled ijen plateau is vast volcanic region dominated by three cones of ijen (2368m), merapi(2800m) and raung (3332m). The turquoise lake in the Ijen Crater and the mystical world that the smoke creates around it attract tourists from all over the globe. The Ijen Crater is not only a major tourist attraction it is also a source of an important natural resource Sulfur.

One day the volcano produces around 60 tons of sulfur that is collected around 300 local people work here. The miners carry the sulfur rocks from the Crater down to the post in bamboo baskets; miner carries sulfur with load 60kg to 80kg. This is far from an easy task (now 2014, around 800 rupiah / kilo)

Besides sulfur, in ijen also contains natural gas. At night, the combination of heat and sulfur creates a magnificent, natural phenomenon referred to as blue fire.

The next destination is Teluk hijau (green bay) with its Cliffs and white sand beach. A trail leads 1 km from the road down to teluk hijau.

The best destination that we are going to visit is sukamade turtle-spawning ground its located in meru betiri national park, this place is most important turtle-spawning ground. Where five species of turtle come ashore to laying their eggs. Green turtle most common, but giant leatherbacks also visit (usually between December and February). In the middle of jungle still many wild animal such as leopard, wild boars, monkeys, banteng, black giant squirrels, civets, reticulated pythons (the world’s longest snake) bird life is prolific, with Javanese eagle and large number of hornbills – including rhinoceros hornbill which emit a bark –like horn

Let’s fill your vocation by visiting excellent destination with our team
Here the itinerary is:

Day 1: Ijen Blue fire packet
We take you from hotel then we go to ijen crater at 01.00 am. We are carried by 4-WD jeep and accompanied by local guide. The driver takes us to paltuding the name of parking area. From here you you walk up to the top of ijen. You will walk up around 90 minutes or 3 kilometer, after arriving in the top. You walk down to the sulfur source near from Crater Lake. Then you can enjoy blue fire and take photos. My suggestion don’t take long time to take photo or enjoy the blue fire, because if the thick smoke come to your eyes, it will make biting in the eyes. After finishing taking photos we directly walk up to the top of ijen mount and waiting for amazing few in top of ijen. Usually finishes around 8 am. Then we are come back to parking area. And drive straight to teluk hijau (green bay)

then we go to teluk hijau (green bay) on the way to teluk hijau we might stop for lunch warung/restaurant then we drive straight to teluk hijau, after arriving in teluk hijau we walk down to white – sand beach,

after finishing from here, we drive to sukamade around 1,5 hour We across a river to Sukamade by
4-WD vehicle, When the river flow is too high and strong, we will cross the river with bamboo boat and walk around1 hour to Sukamade, after arriving in sukamade mess pantai, If we still have time (around at 4 -5 PM) we can relies baby turtle in sukamade beach. And then we come back to mess pantai, now its time for having break at then at 8 PM we go Sukamade beach with local rangers. In beach we can see turtles lay eggs One turtle can lay eggs around 100, local ranger visits the beach every night to check whether one or two turtles come ashore. after from beach we can see small turtle rise from sand in cage , then it’s time for having rest, Tonight we will stay at the accommodation of Meru Betiri National Park.

Day 2: Go to rajekwesi beach – back to Banyuwangi town / hotel
weak up early morning at 06.30. then have breakfast , after that pack up we go to rajekwesi beach then drive straight to town on the to Banyuwangi town we might stop for having lunch, we arrive in town around at 12 or 01 PM

Price call on ….
It includes:
Jeep 4-WD to ijen – teluk hijau – sukamade (merubetiri national park) – rajegwesi beach
English-speaking tour guide.
1 masker/person in ijen tour
A bottled water /person
Entrance ticket in Ijen
Local ranger in merubetiri national park (sukamade)
Overnight in basic accommodation in merubetiri the national park.
Lunch in cycling tour
Dinner in merubetiri national park (sukamade)
Breakfast in merubetiri national park (sukamade)

It excludes:
Ticket for camera in ijen
Travel insurance.
Personal expenses (toilet, extra snacks at local warung).
Entrance fee to the Meru Betiri National Park.
Lunch on the way back to town
Travel insurance.
Extra tips for guide and driver if fell happy with our services

We would suggest you to bring:
Personal items (toiletries, snacks).
Some snack for eating in merubetiri national park
Mosquito repellant.
Comfortable walking shoes and sandals.
Swimsuit, if you feel like swimming in Teluk Hijau.

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