Baluran national park harbors an amazingly diverse range ecosystem in a 25sq km, chunk of northeastern of java. extensive grass land cover park of the peak, providing rich grassing for Javanese wild oxen (banteng) kijang and water buffalos and making it ideal terrain for Africa-style safari excursion in 4WDs. You should see a wide range of wild life here

Large section of this prime savannah were taken over by acacia thorn scrub (which was introduce as a fire break) but park rangers are steadily clearing this prickly invader from baluran and grasslands are reclaiming lost ground

You can do safari trip or snorkeling on offshore coral reef

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8 of july 2014.
Early morning at 5.30 I took my motor cycle then I drove to ketapang hotel, I arrived in hotel at 6.30 it was raining so little bit cool, after that I wait a couple of my guest from France namely Helene and ludo. Our plan we leaved at 07:00AM to BALURAN NATIONAL PARK.

After waiting 30 minutes in hotel lobby, they were coming then say hello morning, then we introduce one to each other, and I invite them to our car, after ward leaved to BALURAN NATIONAL PARK. In the first meeting with helene I thought she was Japanese people unfortunately she was coming from France but her mother is Japanese.

We drove straight by jeep 4WDs to Baluran it toke one hour to get ticket post. Arriving in ticket post Helene and ludo directly welcomed by many monkeys, there are big monkey and small monkey and the monkey little bit dangerous because they want to attract us,,,, maybe the monkeys still hungry because this is still in morning.

Here, we were coming at 7:50 AM then we waited the staff to ordered the ticket in that time the staff was not coming yet, while waiting that we walk to in side of the office for sightseeing head of wild oxen, deer, big snake, butterfly, but they had already died.

At 08:00 the staff came then he gave us the ticket, I invite Helene and ludo get the car then we drive straight to bekol, it’s around one hour to get there. Before getting in bekol we should across two kinds of jungles brown trees and green trees. Both of them are really different.

After one hour we across the jungle we arrived in bekol, here there is small hill, on the hill above the guest house at bekol there is a viewing tower that provides a panoramic view over 300 hectare, banteng/ oxen and deer can be seen here.

After that we walked down

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