About parang tritis :Beach and community on the southern coast of Yogyakarta, or otherwise Southern Central Java Location of meetings with the legendary Nyai Loro Kidul or ‘Queen of the South’. Local folklore warns visitors not to wear the colour green, or the Queen will entice the wearer into the ocean to drown.

Parang Tritis is famous In Javanese mythology as the home of the Goddess of the South Seas, who was married to Panembahan Senopati, founder of the Mataram Kingdom. Every year the sultans of Yogyakarta make special offerings to her in a beachside ceremony called “Labuhan”.

Here is the itinerary:


Day 1. parangtritis – gumuk pasir – pines forest

From hotel we go to Parangtritis beach (30 km south of Yogyakarta town), visiting fisherman village after that go to gumuk pasir is only one Indonesia is look like desert / Sahara, it is located in area parang tritis beach Parangkusumo beach it about 40 minutes from Jogjakarta. In gumuk pasir is very nice photo spot (expecially sun set) , and for surfing on sands

After that we go to pinest forest in Jogjakarta Next, drive to visit Pine Forest and Mangunan Fruit Garden for beautiful sunset. Dinner at local restaurant. Transfer to hotel for overnight.

Include :
Private Ac transport
Ticket to Parangtritis and gumuk pasir, Pine Forest and Mangunan Fruit Garden
Mineral water
Hotel / home stay / guest house

Break fast, lunch, dinner
Rent Surfing board in gumuk pasir


Day 2, tour – Borobudur – Kraton – prambanan

– In the morning we will leave in the early morning to Setumbu hill for enjoying sunrise

Setumbu hill is located in the next of Borobudur temple, did you know why we should go to

setumbu hill? Here, we may take spectacular sun rise picture with The background Borobudur temple and Merapi mount.

nice? Oh yah,, from hotel, before leaving to sutumbu hill we should be ready with breakfast box because after taking spectacular sun rise we have breakfast on the top of the hill.

After from there we have breakfast, then directly go to Borobudur temple until at 10 / 09 am..

Here we will take around in the garden and temple for exploring history of incomparable Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Nice trip??

– from borobudur temple Go to sultan palace / Keraton Jogjakarta

Karaton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is formal palace located in Yogjakarta Indonesia

In here you will be acompanied by local guide, he/she will introduce and explain around of the palace

are you hungry / thirsty ? if the answer “yes” we can eat lunch now

where ? what food? We will have lunch depend on your willing local food, or international food,

after lunch, we will go to Prambanan temple the Hindu masterpiece. in this place we can see not only one temple but also Candi Lumbung, Candi Bubrah, and Candi Sewu in north side.

– having meal in hotel is usual, now it’s time to have dinner in the city (we can look for traditional food here like jogja gudek, this food is the most famous one in jogjakarta )

– before going to go to bed / hotel, we will invite you to take “goes jogja transport” for turning around to public garden/city,, nice??

– Then back to hotel

Private Ac transport
Ticket to setumbu hill
Ticket to Borobudur
Ticket to Jogjakarta palace
Ticket to pramabanan temple
Mineral water
Hotel / home stay / guest house

Break fast, lunch, dinner
If you wanna take this option “goes jogja transport”
Extra tip if you feel happy with the tour


Day 3. Breksi hill – Ijo temple – boko temple

About breaksi hill, this hill about 20m tall, many tourists visit this place because this place has good palce to take photos, and some visitors want to visit ijo temple they visit first to breksi hill

The most exotic panorama on top of the hill we can see Prambanan temple, Sojiwan temple dan Barong temple the background is Merapi mount . not only like that, breksi hill is almost the same brown canyon in semarang

Ijo temple : this temple is quite different, IJO TEMPLE located in the top of the hill with nice view.

Boko temple: Ratu Boko is an archaeological site known to modern Javanese as Kraton Ratu Boko or Ratu Boko’s Palace. Ratu Boko is located on a plateau, about three kilometres south of Lara Jonggrang Prambanan temple complex in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The original name of this site is still unclear, however the local inhabitants named this site after King Boko, the legendary king mentioned in Loro Jonggrang folklore. In Javanese, Ratu Boko means “Stork King”.

Here is the itinerary
In the morning from hotel we go to Breksi hill take photos, after that go to ijo temple, we walk around in ijo temple to know more about this temple after ward go to boko temple and back to hotel

Include :
Private AC Car
Hotel / home stay / guest house
Mineral water

Exclude :
Break fest , lunch , dinner
Extra tip if feel happy with the tour

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