Karakatau mount is a volcanic island found in Indonesia. Its most famous eruption in 1883 is one of the biggest in recorded history. You guessed it right; Krakatoa belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire, the volatile horseshoe-shaped area bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Some of the giant waves from that eruption, which rose up to 40 meters, managed to reach the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, some 7,000 km away. When the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami (a.k.a. the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami) struck, it reminded the scientific community of the 1883 eruption because of the proximity of their points of origin.Better known as Krakatau in Indonesia, its eruption in 1883 produced a series of tsunamis that smashed into 165 coastal villages in Java and Sumatra. 36,000 people perished when those giant waves hit. Most of those who were killed during the 1883 eruption, which lasted for two days (Aug 26 to 27), were actually victims of the tsunamis.

Mount Krakatoa is an example of a stratovolcano, a tall, conical volcano with multiple strata of solidified lava, tephra, as well as volcanic ash. These types of volcanoes typically have steep sides and usually erupt frequently & violently. Most of the popular eruptions have been made by stratovolcanoes. Other known stratovolcanoes are Mount St. Helens and Mount Pinatubo.

Indonesia is the country that holds the biggest number of active volcanoes, at 130. Iceland, another volcano-dotted country, holds about the same number (of volcanoes) but not all are as active as those in Indonesia.

Here is simple itinerary :


day 1

19.00 : gathering in kampung rambutan bus stop then leaving
23.00 : arrive in merak harbor


day 2

00.00 : go to Bakauheni harbor
02.00 : arrive in Bakauheni harbor (rest for while)
02.30 : go to Canti harbor
04.00 : arrive in Canti harbor, have rest, break fast
05.30 : go to umang – umang island
09.00 : take photos and snorkeling in umang – umang island and sebuku kecil island
12.00 : arrive in sebesi island (Check in at guest house, take rest, lunch)
14.00 : explore sebesi island
16.00 : go to cemara island (Snorkeling, take photos, swimming)
17.30 : Hunting Sunset (enjoy beatiful Sunset, take photoes)
18.00 : back to guest house
19.00 : dinner (included)



04.00 : prepare tracking to krakatau and hunting sunrise
06.00 : arrive at krakatau foothill then hunting sunrise
08.00 : breakfast then back to guest house
11.15 : have rest, prepare for coming back, lunch “prasmanan / together”
12.30 : go to Canti harbor
14.30 : go to Bakauheni harbor
16.00 : go to Merak harbor
19.00 : arrive at Merak harbor
23.00 : arrive at Jakarta
Note : (this rout trip can be changed spontaneity due to weather traffic jam etc)


1.)    ferry ticket
2.)    Transport Bekauheni-harbor Canti
3.)    public bus Transport from jakarta – merak – jakarta
4.)    guest house in Seubesi island
5.)    boat for Hoping Island
6.)    eating 4x
7.)    Guide
8.)     Snorkeling tool
9.)     Krakatau tracking ticket
10.)    Hoping In Sebeusi island, Sebuku, umang-umang island & Rakata island

1.)    extra tip for guide and driver if you felling happy
2.)   personal expense

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