Karimunjawa National Park, also Karimun Jawa National Park, is a national marine park designated in the Karimunjawaarchipelago, Jepara RegencyCentral JavaIndonesia. It lies 80 km north west of JeparaCentral Java in the Java Sea. The national park was formally declared as Marine Protection Area in 2001. Based on popular local myth, this archipelago was discovered by Sunan Nyamplungan, the nephew of Sunan Kudus who is one of the Wali Sanga.

Karimunjawa Marine National Park is one of the six marine national parks in Indonesia, and was among the first areas recognized as being important for conservation and marine biodiversity protection. It was formally declared a Strict Natural Reserve in 1986 and has since been declared one of the priority areas for the conservation of marine biodiversity in Southeast Asia.Then in 1999, the Ministry of Forestry established Karimunjawa archipelago as the Karimunjawa Marine National Park covering 111,625 ha. In 2001s area of 110,117.30 ha was declared as Marine Protection Area (MPA).

Based on the functions, Karimunjawa National Park was divided into four zones:

  • Sanctuary Zone(1,299 ha): A no-take zone consisting of Burung and Geleang Islands. Research and education is permitted.
  • Wilderness Zone(7,801 ha): Research is permitted and tourist activity is limited. It consists of Krakal Besar, Krakal Kecil, Menyawakan, Cemara Besar, Cemara Kecil, Bengkoang and part of Karimunjawa and Kemujan islands.
  • Utilization Zone(4,431 ha): Consists Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Kecil, Kembang, Kembar, Karang Katang, Karang Kapal, Parang, Karimunjawa and Kemujan.
  • Buffer Zone(98,093.5 ha): Comprises Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Parang, and Nyamuk. These islands are inhabited.

Due to the dynamic process of management, recent degradation and the degree of destruction, the current zones are no longer effective for management. The Karimunjawa National Park is now proposing a new zone management through a project that began in 2002 and is still ongoing.

Tourism places:

  1. Legon Lele, in Karimunjawa
  2. Shark pool, in big mejangan island
  3. Mangrove Jungle tracking, in Kemojan village
  4. Batu Karang Pengantin beach, in Karang lawang small village, Kemojan village, Kemojan island
  5. Ujung Gelam beach,
  6. Barakuda beach
  7. Nirvana beach


day 1

06.01 – 08.00 arrive in Kartini harbor, rest / breakfast .
08.01 – 10.30 leave to Karimunjawa by fast boat KM Bahari Express
10.31 – 12.00 arrive karimunjawa go to go to Wisma apung ( check in )
12.01 – 13.00 lunch (include) and prepare sea tour
13.01 – 15.00 go to west area of Karimunjawa (snorkeling)
15.01 – 17.00 activities at small Menjangan island (snorkeling, take photos)
17.01 – 18.30 back to Wisma Apung guest house
18.31 – 19.30 cleaning our selves
19.31 – 20.00 dinner at wisma apung (included)
20.01 – 22.00 free program
21.00 – 05.00 rest time

day 2

06.00-07.00 breakfast (included)
07.01-07.30 prepare for Snorkeling
08.31-11.00 having activities at center island (snorkeling, enjoying the beach)
11.01-12.00 then go to small Cemara island (snorkeling and taking photos)
12.01-13.30 lunch in small cemara (included)
13.31-14.00 go Gosong island
14.01-16.00 enjoy at Gosong island (take photos and swimming)
16.01-17.00 go to Tanjung gelem (having fun while drinking young coconut)
17.01-18.00 back to Wisma Apung while watching sunset on the boat
18.01-19.00 cleaning our selves
18.01-21.30 take walk then dinner in karimunjawa public garden
21.31-23.00 free program
23.01-take rest


day 3

05.00-06.30 breakfast (included)
06.31-07.30 Chek-out and leave to karimunjawa harbor
07.31-08.00 distribute express boat ticket
08.01-10.30 go to jepara by fast boat KM Bahari Express (trip finished)


Include :
– accommodation Wisma Apung
– ticket bahari Express boat from Jepara (2 hour)
– travel insurance during inside of Bahari Express boat
– transport from karimunjawa harbor to guest house
– 1 room for 3 persons
– eating 7 x (2x breakfast , 3x lunch 2 x dinner)
– mineral water during the Trip
– Guide
– entrance ticket to islands, shark house, and national park
– Snorkeling set (masker, Snorkel and Fin)
– Lifejacket
– rent boat for hoping islands
– Barbeque

Exclude :
– train ticket or bus to Jepara (Kartini harbor)
– snacks or personal expense
– swimsuits for diving
– extra tip for guide and driver

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