In this itinerary, we will depart from Yogyakarta central java, then headed towards Mount Bromo, East Java. In this time I will not explain about Jogjakarta tour

Day 1. Jogjakarta – Bromo area (you can choose by train or by private car)

If you by train it will be like this

My in team in jogjakarta will take you from hotel go to jogjakarta railway station. by train we go to Surabaya railway station After arriving in Surabaya go to hotel in bromo area

Where are we going to stay?
We will stay in hotel around bromo

Where do we have dinner?
Dinner will be in restaurant in hotel

Is there any local food?
The answer ‘’yes’’ we can look for warung around yoschi hotel (if the time still possible to do that)

After dinner you can have rest early then. Don’t forget to bring warmer jacket. Here is very cool.

Include :
Train ticket
Private trasnport from hotel to railway jogjakarta station
Private trasnport from surabaya railway station to bromo area
hotel in bromo area

lunch , dinner


Day 2, Penanjakan Mount – Sea Sands – Bromo Mount – Go To Banyuwangi

Bromo is very popular with sunrise. The sunrise is the best one. it is surrounded by many towering mountains, and one of them is semeru – usually erupts every 15 – 25 minutes. And also many people called by smoky mountain because it is surrounded by much smoke

Here the itinerary is:

03:15 a.m. wake up! We took a 4.2 liter engine jeep to the Bromo lookout point called Mount Penanjakan. Here we wait sun rise here.

The sunrise was a good one. There were two perspectives, to the east the sun is rising over the horizon and to the west the breathtaking view of Mount Bromo, surrounded by many towering mountains, and one of them – Semeru – usually erupts every 15 – 25 minutes. On a clear day, the sunlight pours over the slopes of other mountains, highlighting the colorful scenery. I see Bromo several times a month and I enjoy the sounds of everyone getting excited. The sweet melodies of Javanese singing in their language and the eeewwwww’s and ahhhh’s building up as the sun rise got closer.

Back in the Jeep for another rocky ride to Bromo not too far away. When we got there I had to deal with all those horse masters who wanted the tourists to choose their horses for riding. In this place you may on horseback or just walk to stairs of Bromo.

Looking at the volcano this tour to Bromo was quite an easy one for us . We went back to the hotel to have breakfast, then go to banyuwangi.

How long from bromo to banyuwangi ? it is around 7 hours

Is it boring ? yes , but we can stop in Situbondo beach for having lunch, after lunch go on to Banyuwangi

After arriving Banyuwangi check in to hotel, have rest early .

Include :
ticket in bromo
one jeep
breakfast from hotel
private transport from bromo to Banyuwangi

Exclude :
Lunch, dinner
warmer jacket


Day 3, mid night go to ijen bllue fire then – drop off ketapang harbour – Bali

About ijen mount, Ijen is located in Banyuwangi regency, it’s famous with sun rise of java. The Fabled ijen plateau is vast volcanic region dominated by three cones of ijen (2368m), merapi(2800m) and raung (3332m). The turquoise lake in the Ijen Crater and the mystical world that the smoke creates around it attract tourists from all over the globe. The Ijen Crater is not only a major tourist attraction it is also a source of an important natural resource Sulfur.

One day the volcano produces around 60 tons of sulphur that is collected around 300 local people work here. The miners carry the sulfur rocks from the Crater down to the post in bamboo baskets; miner carries sulfur with load 60kg to 80kg.

Around the last of 2016 some miners made modification, they use push cart for carrying Sulphur , that only from the top to paltuding (name of parking area) from crater hole to the top of mount sulphur miners still use bamboo baskets

Now, some of sulphur miners one by one they learn English and they change their job in to local guide because it easier job. according sulphur miner’s information from 500 worker per day before – now only around 250 till 300 people per day now.

Besides sulfur, in ijen also contains natural gas. At night, the combination of heat and sulfur creates a magnificent, natural phenomenon referred to as blue fire.

Here is the itinerary …


We take you from hotel then we go to ijen crater at 01.00 am. and accompanied by local guide. The driver takes us to paltuding the name of parking area. From here you you walk up to the top of ijen. You will walk up around 90 minutes or 3 kilometer, after arriving in the top. You walk down to the sulfur source near from Crater Lake. Then you can enjoy blue fire and take photos. My suggestion don’t take long time to take photo or enjoy the blue fire, because if the thick smoke come to your eyes, it will make biting in the eyes. After finishing taking photos we directly walk up to the top of ijen mount and waiting for amazing few in top of ijen. Usually finishes around 8 / 9 am. After that go to hotel, then have shower in hotel after ward we take you to ketapang harbor ,and the last you will across by ferry from ketapang harbor (java) to gilimauk harbor (bali) by ferry

Include :
private car to ijen
– private car for drop off ketapang to harbor
– standard gas mask in blue fire tour
– speaking English tour guide
– ticket in ijen
– break fast from hotel
– ferry ticket to Bali

– breakfast, lunch or dinner
– lamp / torch light / or you use lamp in your mobile phone
– transport from gilimanuk to (bali) it can be include or exclude

Note: transport from Banyuwangi to Bali there are two ways

  1. Private car IDR 700.000/per car in year 2017 (we can prepare for you) from bali to Denpasar area
  2. Public transport IDR 50.000/person in year 2017 (from gilimanuk hurbur by public bus to denpasar)
  3. Public transport (from gilimanuk hurbur by public bus to pemuteran
  • Transport from Banyuwangi to Bali you can choose by your selves , then tell us about it
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