baduy ethnic is a group of sunda culture society in lebak regency, Banten. Their population about 5.000 until 8.000 people. And they close their culture from he Baduy (or Badui), who call themselves Kanekes, are a traditional Sundanese community living in the western part of theIndonesian province of Banten, near Rangkasbitung. centered in the Kendeng mountains at an elevation of 300–500 meters (975′-1,625′) above sea level.

Ethnically the Baduys belong to the Sundanese ethnic group. Their racial, physical and linguistic traits bear much resemblance to the rest of the Sundanese people; however, the difference is in their way of life. Baduy people resist foreign influences and vigorously preserve their ancient way of life, while modern Sundanese are more open to foreign influences and a majority areMuslims.

The Baduy are divided into two sub-groups; the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). No foreigners were allowed to meet the Inner Baduy, though the Outer Baduy do foster some limited contacts with the outside world.

Some people believe that the Baduy are the descendants of the aristocracy of the Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran who lived near Batutulis in the hills around Bogor but there is no strong evidence to support this belief yet; their domestic architecture follows most closely the traditional Sundanese architecture. Pakuwan Pajajaran port known as Sunda Kelapa, was destroyed by invading Faletehan (Fatahillah) Muslim soldiers in 1579, Dayeuh Pakuan the capital of Pajajaran, was invaded by Banten Sultanate some time later. Another theory suggests that they originate in northern Banten; pockets of people in the northern hills still speak the archaic dialect of Sunda that the Baduy use.

Formal education for the children of Baduy is against their traditional customs. They reject government proposal to build educational facilities in the villages. Even today, despite the ways that Suharto tried to force them to change their lives and build modern schools in their territory, the Baduy still strongly opposed the government. As a result, very few Baduy are able to read or write.

Itenarary :


day 1

07:00  take you in meeting point
07:30  go to Baduy-Desa Ciboleger
11:00  arriving in Ciboleger village
11:30  lunch in ciboleger warung
12:30  prepare to go to village house leader (registration)
13:30  exploring Cibeo village, we across balimbing village, Marangu Gajeboh, bridge of Bamboo and steep up of love
17:00  arrive at Baduy house
19:00  dinner in baduy haouse
20:00  free program , stay at night here


Day 2

07:00  break fast
08:00  back to ciboleger
12:00  arrive in Ciboleger, take shower, lunch then prepare come back to Jakarta

(schedule can be changed due to whether, traffic jam etc )

Accommodation in theBaduy Luar house(Outer Baduy house)

Extra tip for guides , porters, driver
Personal expanse

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