After break fast in hotel or other place, we go to goa jomblang or goa pindul

Now you should choose between goa jomblang or goa pindul



After arriving area (prepare shoes, boat, registration etc.)

Around at 10:00am start come in side of jomblang cave by string, it will be accompanied by professional guide In side of cave you can see purba forest and natural vegetation

You will across until find hole with light of the sun

Then the team will take us by string to over the jomblang cave

Note: arriving in area at least at 9:30 am



You will across river 1500 m by duration 1 – 2 jam.

During you do tubing you will see many beautify river bank, don’t be afraid you will be accompanied professional guide, the water dept. is 7-11 meter

Included :
local guide
equipment ( ban pelampung, jaket pelampung,sepatu karet )

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