Songgon village, Songgon is one of destination we’d like to offer for you because this village is fresh village, large rice filed, munch water everywhere, and location in close from raung mount one of active volcano in east java. we can see this mount from the top of ijen.

Not so far from songgon village there is beautiful place that is pines foresh this is one of good selfy place / good place for taking photos,and now local people build guest house in this pines forest, they called (rumah semut) rumah means house and semut means ant.

Note: here you will have two choices

you will stay at night in ‘’rumah semut’’ or you can stay in hotel in the city


Simple itinerary – Full trip

We take you From hotel (Banyuwangi city in the morning)

Then drive go to songgon village

From city to songgon around 1.5 / 2 hours

from sonngon we change in to jeep 4 wd

by jeep go to telunjuk raung water fall, then we enjoy telunjuk raung water fall after that

go to lider water fall (the highest water fall in Banyuwangi)

then go to pines forest (enjoy pines forest)

after pines forest we go to rafting center

after arriving in rafting center we make registration

we prepare our equipment.

Then Driver takes us to the first post of rafting, but the car can’t reach to the river so we should walk to the river,

After ward we start spectacular rafting around 3 hour,

it finishes around at 4.00 PM. And then Eat late lunch

Back to city or stay in rumah semut in pines forest


Note: you can choose
1. Rafting only
2. Rafting and off road to telunjuk raung water fall
3. Full trip = Rafting and off road to telunjuk raung water fall and lider water fall highest water fall in Banyuwangi

full trip included :
Transport from city to songgon village back to city
Fee for rafting
Rafting Standard equipment
Rafting insurance
Meal once time = local food
Local guide.
Drinking bottled water (500 ml/person).
Local transport to take the post of rafting
Jeep 4 WD

It excludes:
Break fast, lunch, dinner (you will get meal once time)
Personal expenses.

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